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PJ Pride: Pet Detective is a hidden-object game that follows the adventures of PJ, a pet detective who works in a shelter for missing pets. After a make-up factory opens up in Brookedale, strange events start to happen: pets suddenly go missing. So desperate neighbors start coming to the shelter asking for help, and as a detective, it is PJ's task to find the missing pets and return them to their owners. For that, she will have to solve hidden-object games that represent different areas of Brookdale. There are four main areas, each one consisting of five locations. You will be visiting museums, restaurants, garages, antique shops, among other places which have been beautifully illustrated and animated. You can actually choose the location you want to play at, and this is a good feature because if you get bored of a scene, you simply click on the Map and pick another highlighted location to explore. The game has two modes to choose from, and if you choose the Regular Time mode, you will have about twenty minutes to find from eight to ten items on a list. This gives you plenty of time to look for the hidden objects, but in case you need help, the game offers a couple of hints you can use to spot hard-to-find items. Although it is a typical HOG with the classic find-and-click gameplay, the game is very entertaining and features a story of mystery and adventure that is really appealing. These elements plus the beautiful graphics make it an excellent choice for casual gamers of all ages.

Systems: Windows

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